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Munich, 2014-03-06
Study: Social beings or cold numbers

Family business owners and managers of non-family businesses were asked about their attitude towards taxes, employees and location. In terms of their focus on profit they don`t differ, the differences are to be found in their values. The study was undertaken by the ifm Mannheim on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses.

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Munich, 2013-11-11
Corporate criminal law unconstitutional

Today, the Foundation for Family Businesses submitted a report by Professor Bernd Schünemann, in which the planned corporate criminal law is criticized as being unconstitutional. Family business owners are threatened by a future double jeopardy, warns the author.

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Munich, 2013-09-23
Family Business: Energy and Europe - Urgent action areas

CEO of the Foundation for Family Businesses, Professor Brun-Hagen Hennerkes, has invited Chancellor Angela Merkel to respond to her clear electoral mandate by making no rotten compromises regarding coalition negotiations. She needs to secure low-cost energy supply and advance the reform agenda in Europe.

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A brief introduction
Our Goals

The non-profit Foundation for Family Businesses pursues three key goals: to promote the exchange of ideas between family businesses, support for research activities and institutions who study this particular type of enterprise and the improvement for acceptance of family businesses in politics and public relations.

About Us

The Foundation for Family Businesses is an economically and politically independent initiative of family businesses.

What we do

We regularly make studies in the relation to family businesses. Furthermore, the foundation supports the establishment and management of related research and teaching institutions. In addition, the foundation can be contacted by media and political decision makers in regards to legal, tax and economic policy issues related to the special interests of this business type.